Completed Projects!

Service to Others

  • A student created a week-long lacrosse camp for children grades four (4) through nine (9) in which the Varsity Lacrosse team and school and community coaches from all levels volunteer their time and instruct the participants.
  • A student created the first OJR HS “Mini-Thon” at which money is raised to help fight pediatric cancers.  Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised as a result of this student’s initiative and effort. 
  • Student created a service in which she volunteers to play her cello at area Senior Living homes and community and private events.  She created a website for her service, promoted her service and performed at numerous area events.
  • A local organization created to help a school for girls in India by raising funds and by having local female peers write letters to the girls of this school to create community and create a connection between our community and theirs.
  • Security analysis – Students worked with the Security Dept. to learn how the school keeps the students safe and what this means – then – the students gave their perspective and worked together with the Security Dept. to make our school even safer for all students with no additional expenditure.
  • A yearlong endeavor to have the OJR High School and School District make mandatory for graduation that every student be responsible for 40 hours of community service over the course of their four (4) years of matriculation at OJR HS.
  • More to come…