General Information


We will use Google Classroom for electronic submission of work. I will make an effort to update BOTH Google Classroom and this site as needed. Your ELA class period is designated by the period that you meet EVERY DAY.


ELA Period 4:l0iefq

ELA Period 5: kg0vpz

Honors ELA Period 7: u7g13r

Creative Writing (Semester 1 only): 3suaqnt


Need help with MLA formatting/citation???   


Looking for a book to read???
If you're looking for something to read, then the College Board, the company that writes and administers the SAT, recommends this list of 101 books to prepare for the SAT.  The REAL benefit, though, is that reading them will expose you to some great literature from a wide variety of international authors.  Here is the link to that list: College Board list of recommended books