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Procedures for Requesting the Use of OJRSD School Facilities
The District accepts applications for use of facilities on-line by clicking here.   
Please follow the prompts to register/login, and complete a request. If you need additional help, please follow these instructions:
Important Dates for Submitting Applications:

For the purpose of applications there will be five (5) deadlines for submission of applications. Application must be made during the application period. All applications received during this period will be treated equally. Applications submitted outside the specified deadlines will be reviewed but availability cannot be guaranteed. PLEASE NOTE:  REQUEST FOR USE OF FACILITIES RECEIVED WITH LESS THAN ONE (1) WEEK ADVANCE NOTICE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


Period 1 – Full Year – July 1 to June 30

            (Bi-monthly or Monthly meetings such as PTA meetings, scout troop meetings, etc.)

            Application Submitting Period: May 1 to June 1


Period 2 – Summer Season: June 15 to August 14

            Application Submitting Period: April 15 to May 15


Period 3 – Fall Season: August 15 to November 14

            Application Submitting Period: June 15 to July 15


Period 4 - Winter Season: November 15 to March 14

            Application Submitting Period: September 15 to October 15


Period 5 – Spring Season: March 15 to June 14

            Application Submitting Period: January 15 to February 15

Please refer to the following documents: