• S2S will meet DAY 2 mornings 7:50-8:25.  Students who participate in S2S must meet all requirement to be involved in this group.  Please encourage your child to maintain good at home practice habits.  10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a week, will help your child maintain the ability level of their string group.  Students must know how to play their concert music and lesson music to stay in S2S.
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  • String Groups: All students have the opportunity to try out for the various level string groups.  Students must meet the performance ability requirements to be involved in the string group of interest. Practice is key for a child's growth in music, as in any subject area. In weekly group lessons I teach students, what it is they need to learn. to excel.  Regardless of age and length of playing time if a child has the musical ability they will have the opportunity to play in the next string orchestra group.  There are 4 performing string groups.  Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Select Strings.

    Beginning Strings - Students will be introduced to the world of strings.  Students are taught the fundamentals of playing a string instrument; learning strings, reading notes, rhythms, plucking and bowing their instrument. Students will be able to demonstrate skills and ability performing on their instruments at weekly group lessons culminating in a winter and spring performance.  All students are encouraged to practice at least 3 times a week, in early lessons, 10 minutes each time. Practice sheets will be checked weekly.  These charts help me with accessing the students and see how I can help them.
    Intermediate Strings - Students are close to finishing book 1 or have completed necessary skills and understanding to advance to intermediate strings. Students will be moving into book 2. Students must feel secure in knowledge of their notes, rhythms, fingerings, and bowing skills covered in book 1. Review of strings, fingerings, notes, rhythm skill, bowing techniques in preparation to play musical selections not found in the book, but associated the skills learned. All students are encouraged to practice 10 minutes, 4 times a week.  Intermediate students have the opportunity to move into advanced if they exceed the intermediate playing skills and are able to meet the performance ability for advanced.
    Advanced Strings - Students have maintained knowledge of book 1 and the beginning of book 2.  Students playing skills/ability must meet the criteria necessary to perform music that is at least 2 pages in length as well as: technical bowing and rhythm skills, understanding of finger changes due to key changes in music  (ex: sharps, naturals, flats), various tempos, slow and fast, proper posture and holding of instrument and bow, etc.  all of which is found and taught in book 2. Students must maintain an ongoing level of continual practice at home.  Students will have the opportunity to be involved in 'festival', a judication  and assessment of the groups performance in spring.
    Select Strings - Students have progressed through book 2 and working in 3rd book.  Students are learning 'shifting' and vibrato.  Ability and performance exceeds that of the advanced strings. Selections in music are Grad 2 level or above.  This level of music integrates a multitude of skills learned throughout the years and expands on them.  Members of this group are key musicians from the advance string group.


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