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Joyce Mowrer Named Employee of the Month for May 2024!

The Owen J. Roberts School District Employee of the Month Award is presented to members of our team who exemplify the Wildcat spirit and our district's commitment to, “Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.


We are honored to announce Joyce Mowrer as our May 2024 Employee of the Month! View video of Joyce's surprise announcement on the OJR YouTube channel at


Joyce is the Administrative Assistant to the Administration Building and has worked in our district for over 10 years. Here's what a few of the staff members had to say about Joyce that earned her the employee of the month:

Joyce deals with so many employees and the public every day. She manages to be very friendly and professional, even when she is trying to do many things at one time and sometimes dealing with difficult people. -Terry Lawhorne

Joyce is often the first person people reach when trying to contact the school district. She goes out of her way to address their concerns and assist them. I truly appreciate this when it comes to our tax payers and senior workers. Instead of simply transferring visitors or callers to a department she attempts to address their concerns first. This is a huge help to all the departments in the district, although we may not recognize it because typically you wouldn't know when someone takes care of something before it gets to you. I have the pleasure of hearing from some of the taxpayers or senior workers later who appreciate the assistance Joyce gave them. Sometimes I get to hear from Joyce herself if she feels it is a situation I may see again down the line. I believe Joyce should be employee of the month because as the district receptionist and the first point of contact there is so much she does that we probably do not even realize and she does it without complaint. I truly appreciate her. -Danielle Moyer

Joyce is THE GO TO PERSON at Admin. She never says no and handles everything that's thrown at her with professionalism!! -Maria Kenny

Please join us as we offer our sincere thanks to Joyce for her continuing service to the community, and as we congratulate her on being named the OJR Employee of the Month for May 2024!