Welcome to East Coventry Elementary School

  • Welcome to East Coventry Elementary School.  I am pleased to serve as principal of this wonderful school for the last 13 years. 

    This school year, we will provide exceptional education to 460 students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  Students will have the opportunity to practice all of the basic skills necessary to aid in future success.  Our staff will provide a caring a nurturing environment that is safe and supportive.  Our philosophy will continue to be that we meet our students where they are academically, socially, and behaviorally. At East Coventry, we are proud of the fact that we provide both support and enrichment all within the same learning environment.

    This is an exciting year for the entire school community as we recently opened a brand new 85,800 square foot new facility.  Some features of the new building include a prominent media center situated in the center of the school.  The innovation center provides students with the opportunity to let their creative minds design, create, publish, and build.  Large video panels in the cafeteria allow for multimedia presentations. An impressive science lab that rivals most secondary schools extends the students’ understanding of the basic principles of science.  Flexible seating throughout the school gives students the opportunity to learn in a way that suits their style.  Finally, students will have the chance to play and explore two poured-in-place playgrounds.

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    We hope you will have a chance to stop by and see our new facility.  

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    Dr. Todd A. Oswald