• Kilfoy Family  

     Hi! My name is Mrs. Rebecca Kilfoy (but you can call me Nurse Becky) and I am your school nurse. This is my 24th year as a nurse and my sixth year as a school nurse. I love being a school nurse because I am passionate about taking care of the children and staff and our community! 

     I have a Masters degree in nursing and I am a nurse practitioner! I am also a student persuing a Master in Education degree with a focus on Social Emotional Learning! I love taking care of cuts and scrapes but also talking to you about healthy eating and exercising and positive self talk, all the things that help keep you healthy and happy! Feel free to ask me any questions you have about your bodies or how to stay and be healthy!!

     I live in Chester Springs with my husband Bryan and our 3 fabulous children; Lauren, Sarah and Sean! We have a cat whose name is Ziggy! He is a fun pet and makes us laugh! 

     Let's work together this year to be the best "me" we can be!!

    Stop into the Health Office and say HI!!!
    To reach me call 610-469-1403
    Fax me at 610-458-3870
    or email me at rkilfoy@ojrsd.com 
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    Twitter @NurseKilfoy
    Instagram @wvenurse