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Requirements for Medical Forms and Sick Day Guidelines


    Summer is almost here........

    Below are a few items I need you to complete for me for this 2020-2021 school year.

    Health Forms and Medical Needs

    The state mandates that student’s receive a dental exams in  K/1st, 3rd and 7th grade; physical exams for K/1st, 6th and 11th grade, as well as the many vaccinations that are performed at those exams.  You can find both the physical exam forms and dental forms on the OJR district website as well as here on my site.  I will accept an exam performed after September 1, 2019. I am required to report out our complicance to this reguation at the end of the year to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please take a moment and collect these forms over the summer and return to me in Septmeber. 

    Medication needed at school?

    I will require a prescription, letter from physician or our Medication Authorization form signed by both the parent and the physician before I begin administering any medications in school, this includes over the counter cold remedies, ointments... This form MUST be signed by both the physician and the parent. The prescription sticker from the pharmacy DOES NOT fulfill this requirement. All prescription and OTC medications MUST be in their original prescription/pharmacy containers. Prescription must have the students name, dose, prescribing physicians name and phone number and dosing instructions (eg. Pharmacy label)

    If your child's medical condition requires an IEP or 504, I will need to know this in advance. Please contact me at or call 610-469-1403.

    If your child has a food or bee sting allergy or Asthma, I would like an Allergy Action Plan or an Asthma Action Plan along with the medications. These forms allow signatures from both the parent and physician and would negate the Medication Administration form. These plans are clear and easy to follow for days we have substitute nurses in the office and also in an emergency.

    Advice for this year... 

    If your child visits the doctor for any illness or appointment during the school year, please obtain a doctor’s note and return it to Mrs. Benik when they return. This will help in the long run if your child happens to have recurrent absences. More info is better then less in this case. Remember if your child has 10 individual absences they will be required to present a physician's note upon return to school or it will be an unexcused absence. Use the sick days prudently. If you have a question in the morning about whether to send your child to school, call me (610-469-1403) I will help you with your decision. I can administer cold medications with your written permission for up to 1 week. I also can provide pain relievers and antacids. Of course, if your child has persistent diarrhea, vomiting or a temperature >99.5, they are to stay home.

    If your child is sent home by the nurse and require a day home the next school day, you are required to call into the attendance line that morning. I do not share my conversations or discharges with the attendance clerk.

    I have been reviewing office visits. If I identify your student as developing a trend I will be notifying you to develop a plan.  I will also be notifying parents when a student is identified as a "frequent flyer", (visiting the health office multiple times or on a routine basis without established medical needs). Every visit to the health office is time spent out of the learning environment. 


    When to keep a child home from school in a typical year.....  REFER TO THE COVID-19 PREVENTION PAGE for this years protocol. 

    A healthy child is able to participate in all school activities. Children not feeling well are more vulnerable to infection and may expose healthy children to illness. It is in the best interest of your child and their class mates to keep them home if they are ill. Illness is defined by OJRSD as

    • A temperature elevation above 100.4F. A child's temperature must be below 100.4 for 24 hours without the use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) before returning to school. If sent home from school with a fever, plan to keep child home for the entire next day. 
    • Vomiting. If your child has thrown up since returning home from school/over a weekend or break or sent home with vomiting, please plan to keep them home for at least 24 hours. Children are to be vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Diarrhea. Same as vomiting, Children must be diarrhea free for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Skin rash of unknown cause. These rashes should be seen by a physician to rule out infectious disease. Hives as a result of allergy, eczema and psoriasis are non infectious. 
    • Draining/crusty, red eye/s. Please call your physician for treatment recommendation.

    Children may ask to come to school even if they are ill. Although your child may be disappointed (field trip, special event, birthday), please keep them home.

    During testing, there is often time questions whether to send a student to school ill. Tests can be made-up. Please keep your children home if they are ill. They will not perform at their best if they are ill. 

    When calling your students out for illness, please provide a brief but detailed description of the illness. "Sick or Not Feeling Well" does not provide me with information to trend illnesses in a class room. The attendance line is heard by Mrs. Benik and me. It is not a public message that everyone hears. If you are not comfortable leaving information on the message line, please email me a quick note or call and leave me a message. I like to be able to trend illness in classrooms and grades in the event we have a outbreak.

    Feel free to call me at 610-469-1403 in the morning if you have questions. I am happy to help with the decision making. Once you send your child to school, I assume you feel they are well enough to be there and require they stay in class for the first 1 hour to "try it". If they are fever free, without vomiting or diarrhea, I will make every effort to keep them in school. It is my responsibility to care for your children but also to return them to the academic environment.

    If I feel they are not well enough to participate, I will call to have them brought home for rest and care. Please supply all contact information and return my calls/ come to school promptly. If I leave a message I will allow 15 minutes for a return call. If I do not hear from you, I will call the next emergency contact you provide. Please be sure to provide accurate and up to date information.


    Thank You!! 

    I love caring for your children! If you have any concerns or questions, never hesitate to contact me!

    Nurse Becky