•        School Counselors are committed to supporting the personal growth of students within an educational setting.

     As a result, school counselors support the goals of the Owen J. Roberts School DistrictSchool Counselors coordinate a program of

     counseling and consultation services to do the following: assist students in attaining academic success; identify students in need of additional

     resources; and create school-wide programs to meet emerging needs.

     An Elementary Counselor helps children be successful in school by: 
    • Helping children develop self-confidence
    • Helping children develop social skills
    • Helping children learn problem solving skills
    • Helping children feel safe in a friendly, nurturing environment
    • Being an accepting, helpful person to whom children can turn.

     An Elementary Counselor helps school staff by:

    •  Working with the Instructional Support Team.
    •  Providing a longitudinal view of each child.
    •  Being a resource through the consultative process.
    •  Providing resource materials
    •  Being a liaison between home and school.

    An Elementary Counselor helps parents by:

    • Counseling with parents.
    • Advising parents of strategies for school support.
    • Providing resource materials.
    • Helping parents understand developmental growth of children.

    How does the Elementary Counselor help?

    • By conducting guidance class visits.
    • By working with the Instructional Support Team.
    • By providing individual and small group counseling.
    • By fostering informal contacts.
    • By consulting with resource people.
    • By maintaining school records.