• Gifted Support
  • In the Academically Talented Program (ATP), students will work with their teachers to identify their academic strengths and talents.  Based on the students' present levels of educational performance, a GIEP (gifted individualized education plan) will be constructed in order to promote growth in these areas of strengths.  Students will work to meet goals that challenge them in their areas of strength, above and beyond the general education curriculum.
    You can learn more about the OJRSD gifted support program here.
  • Choices Quote
  • If you or your student is part of the gifted support program at East Vincent, take a moment to consider these two philosophies about intelligence:
    Fixed Mindset
    Growth Mindset
    Which mindset do you see the most in your personal view of the world?  Almost all people have some of the Fixed Mindset.  However, we can continually work to embrace the Growth Mindset in order to lead a happier, more productive life.  As students in the gifted support program work on their GIEP goals, they'll be encouraged to put a Growth Mindset into practice.  Hopefully, the challenges and obstacles they face as part of the program will foster a life-long love of learning, exploring, discovering, and growing.