• East Vincent Elementary School



    East Vincent Elementary School students and staff celebrated Read Across America week with a brand new focus: Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers. The week-long event showcased books, authors, and activities that represented an array of experiences and cultures. One of the highlights, a school-wide book tasting, featured windows and mirrors books. At the book tasting, students were greeted with piles of books donning the tables that were dressed with cafe-style table cloths, menus, flowers, and candles. Some books featured characters who looked like students, celebrated the same traditions, lived in similar neighborhoods, or even participated in the same activities; these were mirror books. Other books served as window books, whereby characters and events were different from students and assimilar to their experiences, activities, dress, and food. The book tasting event encouraged all to feel included and recognized, while understanding that the world is far richer than just their experiences alone.





    Unity Day was a two-part event that featured collaborative opportunities to strengthen relationships and foster social emotional learning. Under the guidance and coordination of Thom Stecher and Associates, all students and staff engaged in large group and small group community-building activities. The activities focused on Go CATS: Choose Kindness, Act Respectfully, Take Responsibility, and Stay Safe as well as an emphasis on belonging to a positive, productive community. Sixth-grade students received training prior to the second-day, and served as leaders for students in kindergarten through fifth grades.





    Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors served as the guests of honor at the first annual EV Veteran’s Day Breakfast. Hosted by the school’s Climate and Culture building goal committee, veterans enjoyed a tasty breakfast, a flag ceremony from Cub Scout Pack 4, and conversations with students who were eager to learn more about Veteran’s Day.