• Classroom Parties & Celebrations at North Coventry

    Holiday celebrations will be held in compliance with School Board Policy.  These celebrations will be announced in advance in order for parents/guardians to be prepared in determining food choices with their children.   Celebrations are at the discretion  of teachers and parent volunteers will be utilized to plan parties/celebrations.  Due to increasing concerns regarding allergies among school age children, we ask you to consider the following when planning school parties and celebrations:

    ü  Please avoid sending in cupcakes, cakes, cookies,or snacks high in sugar and fat content.

    ü  Please consider sending sugar free treats, fruits, and vegetables.

    ü  Please consider reading to or doing a craft with the class.

    ü  Please check with your child’s teacher regarding classmates with specific dietary needs or food allergies prior to sending any food item to school.

    ü  All food items brought into the school to be shared with children will be checked by the classroom teacher for ingredients that could be harmful to other students.

    ü  Balloons, flower arrangements, etc. are not permitted in the classroom or cafeteria and may not be sent home on the bus; therefore, please do not have these items delivered to the school unless you plan to pick up your child on the day these celebratory items are delivered to school. 

          Thank you in advance for your understanding and support regarding this issue.  North Coventry Elementary School is proud to be proactive when dealing with child safety. Food allergies speak directly to this issue as they have become a growing concern across the nation! 


    Note:  No birthday food treats may be sent to school. We do want to acknowledge student birthdays, but encourage parents/guardians to do so in other ways. For example, small items such as pencils or stickers for classmates or the donation of a book to the school or classroom library in honor of a child’s birthday would be appropriate. Thank you for honoring and respecting this request.