• ATTENTION!  Our North Coventry Title I Family Team meeting is scheduled for October 23rd at 6:30 pm in our Library!  We hope to see you there!  
    Title I is a federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for our students. Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics.

    For the 2016-2017 school year, North Coventry received the federal reward of "high progress", identifying the school as being distinguised among the top 5% Title I schools in the state for student progress. 
    In the 2018-2019 school year, North Coventry received the federal reward of "high achievement", identifying the school as being among the top 5% Title I schools in the state for student achievement.
    Additionally, for the 2018-2019 school year, North Coventry was recognized as a National ESEA Distinguished School.  Our school is one of two schools from the state to be recognized at the National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri in January 2019!

    Math Specialists:
    Mrs. Rachel Lemuell- rlemuell@ojrsd.net
    Mrs. Joyce DeVol – jdevol@ojrsd.net

    Reading Specialists:
    Mr. Brett Galambos- bgalambos@ojrsd.net
    Mrs. Shannon Rockafellow - srockafellow@ojrsd.net
    Mrs. Carly Youngblood - cyoungblood@ojrsd.net

    Family Team Meetings

    Math and Reading Family Meeting – Yearly in the fall

    1.  What is Title I ?
    2.  Parent & Family Engagement Policy Review

    3.  Assessments and Screening used to determine
    student qualification

    4.  Home-School Compact – How can the school and I work
    as partners to support my child?

    5.  Tips and Suggestions for supporting math and
    October 23, 2019 Meeting Presentation


    North Coventry Elementary School Home-School Compact

    The Owen J. Roberts District Community believes in “inspiring each student for success today and greatness tomorrow.” In order to achieve this mission, a strong home-school connection must be created and fostered for a lifetime. To ensure positive learning outcomes for all students, the following will be required:


    School Responsibilities

    ·         Provide researched-based curriculum and best practice for instruction in a supportive environment that enables the participating children to meet the States academic achievement standards  

    ·         Provide opportunities for family involvement and volunteering

    ·         Provide opportunities for parent/guardian training and support

    ·         Communicate regarding student’s academic growth at a minimum of 3 times per year

    ·         Provide communication regarding the professional providing instruction

    Home Responsibilities

    ·         Provide the environment and opportunities for students to reinforce/practice concepts being taught at school

    ·          Stay informed regarding your child’s school policies and activities

    ·         Serve at and attend school events, to the extent possible


    Student Responsibilities

    ·         Demonstrate personal responsibility for his/her own learning and academic growth

    ·         Record homework in planner and bring materials needed home


    Updated annually the fall Title 1 Family Meeting

    Last update - 10/18/18

     North Coventry Elementary School Family Engagement Policy

    It is the policy of North Coventry Elementary Title I program to encourage active participation of parents and families of our students.  This policy demonstrates that our school is committed to increasing, reinforcing, and fostering parent and family engagement by building a strong relationship between students, families, and our school members.

    Strategies for reaching family engagement goal:

    • Develop North Coventry Family Engagement Policy with all stakeholders
    • Distribute Family Engagement Policy at Title I parent meeting, through Skyward, and on the Title I website
    • Inform families of the Family Engagement Policy and their right to be involved and encourage family members to provide feedback
    • Provide district and state resources for families to assist and support their child’s academic achievement  
    • Provide newsletters and/or activities to keep families updated on current family engagement practices
    • Encourage family members to visit and volunteer in the building
    • Encourage family members to help plan and participate in Title I events such as:
      • Family Math and Literacy Night
      • Summer Book Swap
      • Read Across America Week activities
    • Document family participation through sign in sheets or other appropriate ways throughout the school year
    • Include family input when making decisions about how to best meet the needs of Title I students and their families
    • Involve families through an annual survey to improve Title I effectiveness
    • Educate all staff in the value of family engagement
    • Inform family members that a Home - School compact was jointly developed
    • Inform family members that all materials can be made available in other languages
    • Provide information on how to use the EDM resource at home
    • Share student led progress monitoring for enhanced family communication 

    Updated annually at the NC Title I Family Meeting

    Last updated:  8/21/19



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