• Speech

                Mrs. Krista Hirth
    Welcome to Speech and Language Support!  I am one of 2 Speech-Language Pathologists at French Creek.  Speech (as we are often called) is located on the hallway near the artroom and please stop by if you are in the building.  I am very excited for the upcoming school year!  
    Speech-Language impairments (SLI) fall into four main categories.
    ARTICULATION and PHONOLOGICAL DISORDER- a significant deficiency in the ability to produce sounds in conversational speech that are not consistent with chronological age.

    LANGUAGE - a significant deficiency not consistent with the student's chronological age in one or more of the following areas:

    FLUENCY- a disorder that impacts the fluency of speech. Speech may consist use of part word or whole word repetitions, prolongation of sounds and interjections.

    VOICE- disorders that involve resonance, pitch and prosody.

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