Library Expectations

Behavior Expectations During Class:
1.  Respect yourself and others by:
  •       Listening to the teacher or your friends when they are speaking.
  •       Raising your hand to speak.
  •       Waiting for your turn.
  •       Keeping your hands a feet to yourself.
  •       Using kind words.
  •       Following directions.
2.  Respect the books and technology tools by:
  •       Handling the books and computers carefully.
  •       Cleaning up any messes.
  •       Telling the librarians if there is a problem with a book or computer.
  •       Sharing with other students.  
1.  Return or renew books after 7 days.  Other students are waiting for popular books and renewing shows us you know where your book is.
2.  Overdue notices are stamped in your student handbook each week during library class.  Please return overdue books the following day.
3.  Electronic overdue notices are sent out once in November and March and once a week May 11th through June.
4.  End of Year Policy- In May, students with overdue books will be denied circulation privileges in order to ensure all books are returned to the library by the end of the year.  
5.  Return books in good condition.  Parents will be charged if the book is returned too damaged to repair as they are responsible for the actions of their children.
6.  Billing - If a bill for a damaged book is not paid, the student will not be allowed to borrow until it is paid.
7.  Unpaid bills - Students with outstanding books at the end of the year do not have borrowing privileges the following year until the book is returned or the bill is paid. 
Behavior Expectations During Borrowing Time:
1.  Quickly - Students are asked to find their books quickly so that they won't miss out on their classroom teachers' instruction. 
2.  Quietly - In order to respect all of the students in the library, we ask anyone using the library do so quietly.  Whisper voices are   always appreciated! 
3.  Kindly - Treating others with kindness and respect while in the library keeps everyone safe and happy.  
Students who do not follow these expectations will be sent back to their classroom without borrowing a book and may return when they are willing to follow the library guidelines.