• Welcome to Pre-K Counts, where we have fun every day and the learning never ends!

    At Pre-K Counts, we partner with Owen J. Roberts School District to provide our families with an amazing program featuring curriculum where children learn through play. As part of our program's approach, we focus on studies that utilize everyday objects such as clothes, trees and balls, to help children remain engaged in learning about and understanding the world in which they live!

    Our approach is tailored to the needs of our students, as we make sure to meet each child where they are, by implementing individualized, developed-mental goals into our lessons!

    In addition to our curriculum and supportive learning environment, our services also include FREE breakfast and lunch daily, in addition to fun and exciting field trips to ensure our kids have an enjoyable Pre-K experience.

    Please call 610-363-8184 to learn more, or download our flyer!

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