OJRSD COVID-19 Response

  • On August 17, 2020, the Board of School Directors approved the OJRSD COVID Health & Safety Plan.  This plan includes extensive operational plans for safely operating all aspects of schools.  While the plan was developed in consultation with various health and educational organizations, we update the plan monthly based on guidance from the Chester County Health Department (CCHD). 

    On November 23, 2020, in an effort to further mitigate Covid-19 transmissions in the Commonwealth, Governor Tom Wolf directed schools operating in areas of substantial transmission to either make all learning remote or commit to following the Pennsylvania Department of Education Recommendations for Responding to COVID-19 and submit an Attestation Plan which outlines how schools are adhering to aggressive mitigation measures. Owen J. Roberts School District submitted an Attestation Plan to follow all PDE and PA DOH guidelines.  On January 28, 2021 PDE amended their guidance directing public schools that are overseen by county health departments to return to following the county health department guidance for closing schools.  The Chester County Health Department guidance is as follows:

    COVID-19 Surveillance and Outbreaks in Schools

    The Chester County Health Department uses information from COVID-19 case investigations and contact tracing/notification as input to surveillance monitoring on school campuses. Surveillance data is important to understand where cases are coming from, how close contacts are related to cases, and assess the spread/transmission of the virus. Surveillance data is also an important input to determining further actions that can be taken in response to COVID-19 to include closing schools.

    When assessing the need for closing a school, the Health Department will take into account multiple factors including but not limited to the number of new cases among staff and students, how those cases relate to each other, whether or not those cases relate to other known cases outside of the school setting. The Health Department will utilize the following to identify a COVID-19 outbreak within a school setting:

    Identification of two or more COVID-19 probable or confirmed cases in a class or cohort with an onset within a 14-day period, who are epistemologically linked and do not share a household or are not close contacts outside the school setting. Cases should not have obvious, more likely sources of exposure (i.e., a household contact who became ill prior to their onset date).

    If onset dates are not available (i.e., case was asymptomatic or not reached for interview), specimen collection date may be used.

    When an outbreak is identified, the Chester County Health Department will work with the school to review prevention measures to ensure adherence, and monitor for additional cases. If additional cases are identified within the class or cohort within a 14-day period, additional mitigations measures will be implemented including classroom/building closures, different cohorting, etc.

    If two (2) outbreaks are identified in a 14-day period, the Chester County Health Department assess broader scale closure of wings or buildings. If a classroom, wing, building(s) is closed, the school should switch to remote learning.

    An outbreak is over when 28 days have passed since the last person started having symptoms and no new confirmed or probable cases have occurred. If the last person did not have symptoms, use the day the person was tested instead.

    Click here to view the full CCHD School Guidance document.

    *In order for a case to be placed on this report: 

    • The reported COVID-19 case has been confirmed through a lab test or a case is deemed a probable cases when and individual has COVID like symptoms, and are a close contact to a confirmed or probable COVID case.
    • OJRSD staff member or substitute staff member who worked on district grounds or in district buildings.