• Board of School Directors   

    If you have a question for the School Board, please email all Board of School Directors at schoolboardmembers@ojrsd.net.  The School Board President traditionally answers emails but may add Administrators or Committee Chairs to answer specific questions.

    Leslie Proffitt, President Paul Friel
    John D. Diehl, Vice President John R. Melniczek, VMD
    Melissa C. Booth Jennifer Munson
    Clifford DeFoor Lydia P. Stutzman
    Kathleen L. DiMarino  

    Jaclin B. Krumrine, Secretary (non-voting) Elizabeth Polinski, Treasurer (non-voting)
    School Board
    Row 1 (L to R): John Diehl, Leslie Proffitt, Clifford DeFoor
    Row 2 (L to R): Kathleen DiMarino, Melissa Booth, Lydia Stutzman
    Row 3 (L to R): Paul Friel, Jennifer Munson, John Melniczek, VMD


  • How to Run for School Board

    To find out more about how to run for school board, visit psba.com