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    Welcome to the library.  Google Classroom codes can be found on the Remote Library website as can lessons and Meet times if you are a Cyber Student.  Let's have a great year!

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  • Library Mission

    Library Mission

    Each library has a purpose, a mission to fulfill, whether it is a school library, public library, business library or museum library. The American Association of School Librarians, part of the American Library Association, has clarified the role of the library in the school setting. Read more to discover the guiding principles of the North Coventry Library.

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  • Library Expectations

    Library Expectations

    Learn about borrowing procedures and behavior expectations.

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  • Digital Citizenship and Grading

    Digital Citizenship and Grading

    In grades 4-6, students will be learning how to be good online citizens. Topics include netiquette (manners on the web), cyber safety (including phones and texting, Internet, games, and social media), evaluating sources, and preventing and handling cyberbullying.

    In grades K-3, students will be learning how to use and handle technology responsibly.

    Grading is done only once per year. Content areas may not be graded at the same time.

    Library students are assessed in three content areas: Technology & Publication (using library and technology tools to create), Conducting Research (using library resources), and Digital Citizenship (participating ethically and responsibly).

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