• Everyone has a role to play in keeping our community healthy. There are many practices in place to keep everyone safe and heathy. If you haven't done so, you can review the District's Health & Safely Plan to learn more.

    Keeping our schools safe and healthy starts at home every day with symptom monitoring! No person should come to school when they are not feeling well. Each day, before coming to school, parents should take their child's temperature. Any student with a fever should remain at home. It is considered a fever if the temperature is greater than 99.5 when using a temporal thermometer or greater than 100.4 when using an oral thermometer. In addition to fever, there are other symptoms that a student may experience that will mean he or she should stay home. You can reference details about symptom monitoring here or quick reference below. For a visual of symptoms consistent with Covid-19, click CCHD Symptoms Chart

    symptom monitoring

    Preventative Behavior/Symptom Monitoring Guidelines:
    Elementary handwashing and proper mask instruction video:
    Secondary handwashing, mask and social distancing video: