Course Pre-Approval

    In order to take any course, you must seek course pre-approval through MyLearningPlan. Your request for course pre-approval will be forwarded to your Building Principal or Administrator. If the course is approved at this level, it will be forwarded to Jessica Heffner for review/action.
    If you begin a course without securing approval through Human Resources – you will not be reimbursed for this coursework. Please allow sufficient time for processing your request.

    Tuition Reimbursement

    While you will indicate that your coursework has been completed through MyLearningPlan, our office will not act on this notice unless and until you submit the following information to us:
    • A Request for Tuition Reimbursement (PDF),
    • A grade report from the college or university; and
    • An itemized statement that clearly identifies the amount of tuition charged for each pre-approved course. A lump sum figure on a statement is not acceptable.
    You may find more details in the OJR teacher contract. Please pay particular attention to the number of credits per semester that may be approved for tuition reimbursement purposes.
    Any Questions? 
    Jessica L. Heffner, MBA
    Director of Human Resources
    Alex Medlar
    HR Administrative Specialist
    Mary White*
    Compliance Coordinator
    *Act 48 hours questions only