• Teachers:  Your D2L Questions Answered

    Staff:  Here are the most commonly asked questions about D2L.  
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    1] How do I login?

    Students AND Teachers use their OJR network login to access D2L.
    Remember, if you cannot login to D2L, chances are you are having difficulty logging into district computers AND Skyward too.  The username/password for D2L is the same as any network service you use in OJR.

    2] How do I access the D2L website?

    Students and teachers can login to D2L two ways:   via the OJR website, Student OR Staff > D2L OR directly:  http://ojrsd.desire2learn.com

    Here is a reference sheet to review logging in: D2L Login Instructions 

    3] Where do I find my courses?

    When you are logged into D2L, you can find courses by clicking the "Select a Course" drop-down.

    There is also a widget called "My Courses" to make viewing your current courses simple.

    courselist  .

    4] Will my old courses be visible?

    Yes. there is no plan to remove the old courses.
    Courses still need to be visible to instructors to be able to copy content into new courses.


    5] Are my course sections merged already?

    Yes. If you teach multiple sections, on "Day One", you will see one instance of the course in your "select-a-course" menu.
    Post once, share to all students.

    6] Will there be a long list of extraneous courses in my course list?

    No. Many courses that do not require a course space in D2L have not been included in D2L for the current school year.

    7] What will my students be able to see?

    Students are removed from 20xx courses. They will be able to only see the courses for the current school year.

    8] How will I know that new students will be added to D2L and their courses?

    Check your Classlist - often.
    Imports will be conducted (on the admin side) several times a week to ensure that your class list is accurate, and students who add your course (or are new to the district) have access in a timely fashion.

    9] What do I do if I know a student has dropped my course?

    Nothing. Be patient.  Drops will be handled (on the admin side) via Skyward imports.

    10] How do I copy my content to my new course?

    There is now a video tutorial on how to import/export/copy course content from one course to another.

    Additionally, there is a "D2L School Year Start-Up document" - This provides teachers with a handy checklist of how to get your course ready this year.

    11] What About Copyright?

    Wilkes University has an excellent site describing what rights we have as teachers for using copyrighted content within D2L:

    Online Learning & the TEACH Act: http://wilkes.libguides.com/c.php?g=191946&p=1266596

    12] Who do I contact for help?

    Alex Medlar (610-469-5133) in the technology office can assist with resetting student passwords.
    Remember, if you cannot login to D2L, chances are you are having difficulty logging into district computers AND Skyward too. The username/password for D2L is the same as any network service you use in OJR.

    13] I want to take the D2L "Orientation" course.  What do I need to do?:

    There will be a total of four orientation windows during this school year.  It is not required, however, it is beneficial to any student taking a "blended learning" class, or any student who would like to be more comfortable using D2L. 

    • This course will require "self-registration" - this means, you will need to login to D2L and register on your own during the sign up periods. 
    • There is a calendar on this page that indicates all sign up periods, and start/end dates of the course.  
    • The course window is about four weeks, and can be self-paced. 
    This tutorial will provide the steps to sign up for the "Getting Started" course in D2L:

    14] I'm new to course building, what do I need to know before I begin?

    All new course spaces have "helper"- type text providing recommended information to teachers as to "what goes where" in the course.

    • Have course files handy - It is beneficial to have access to all course files (.pdfs are ideal) to quickly add modules, and insert respective files to begin organizing.
    • Register for the "Getting Started"course to learn the basics - Although designed as a student course, this will allow you to become familiar with D2L's tools and overall navigation.  You can find this course under “Self-Registration” within D2L.
    **Access the "Self Registration" video in question 13 to learn how to register.