Student Health Insurance

  • Health insurance is required for students to attend all field trips. If your child is not insured, accidental insurance may be purchased through the District.

    School Time Accident Coverage= $30.00 per school year. Full-Time 24 hour coverage= $113.00 per school year.

    Student School Accident Insurance

    CHIP offers free or low cost Health Insurance for kids.  CHIP is a premier health insurance plan offering a more comprehensive coverage than other plans. CHIP helps take the burden off of health care expenses, covering Pennsylvania kids who are not eligible for, or enrolled in, Medical Assistance. It’s easy for parents to enroll! 

    CHIP covers all of this and more:
    · Routine checkups
    · Prescriptions
    · Hospitalization
    · Dental
    · Eye Care



    For free assistance applying for health insurance or the Healthy Start Program, contact the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County, 610-334-5370.