• Practice tomorrow at 9:00 am. – 11:00 am. at North Coventry for Mrs. Duffy’s Middle School and High School  Vehicle teams. Meet in the Lobby of North Coventry and move to the art room.



    High School

    Zach Lineman

    Sam Ferriari

    Breaden Mathews

    Aaron Tokey

    Bennett Stutzman

    Charlotte Camp


    Middle School

    Joshua Zhang - MS

    Tommy Foster - MS

    Will Pederson - WV

    Nate Lineman - MS

    Ben Herrada - WV

    Max Zimmerman – WV

    Ryan Mathews - MS



    ELEMENTARY Next meeting for West Vincent is Monday, November 11 at WV 3:15 - 4:30

    Addy Meely

    Ava Spannuth

    Ella McNamara

    Segal Pola

    Nick Payne

    Gillian Moyer

    Travis Billesbach-Scholl


    Congratulations! The first meeting will be held on Monday, November 4th at West Vincent Elementary School from 3:15 -4:30. There will be a mandatory parent/ guardian meeting at pick-up for about 20 minutes.


    Thank You,

    Lisa Duffy