• OJR Cyber Academy FAQ

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    For questions about the health and safety protocols in our schools, please see the Health & Safety Plan


    What do you mean by synchronous learning? Synchronous learning is direct interaction with your teacher and other students. It includes various learning activities, projects, labs, assessments, etc. It is not just students watching a teacher lecture. Teachers engage students in a way that strengthens and deepens the learning process.

    What does asynchronous learning look like? Students are not required to participate in learning at a designated time. The teacher delivers instruction through a recorded video, projects, virtual labs, assignments, etc.

    What happens if I am absent, out sick or have a scheduled day off? - Staff will post their substitute plans in a asynchronous model (just as if school was in session traditionally)

    If I select the OJR Cyber Academy, am I still able to participate in clubs, music, sports, etc? - Yes, these activities will be available to all students as long as they are being offered.

    Will my child’s IEP or GIEP be implemented with fidelity? Yes, all Special Education and Gifted Education services will be provided to students in the Hybrid and Virtual models.

    What happens if schools are forced to close for in person learning due to a PA mandate? OJR reopening plans were created with this possibility in mind. Since Virtual Instruction, the Blended Program and OJR Cyber Academy are taught by OJR teachers using the district’s curriculum, all content and pacing remains consistent. All students and teachers will be able to seamlessly transition to a full virtual model. Our teachers will be highly trained and prepared this time. We will be well-positioned in the event the Governor shuts down schools.



    Will my child’s AP and Dual classes be taught by teachers who are trained in this? Yes, all AP and Dual Enrollment courses will be taught by teachers who have taught this before and are trained in the program.

    What does scheduling for students going into our Technical Programs look like? - We are working with the various programs to get more information, including transportation details as soon as possible. We are working to make EVERY student experience a successful one.

    Can my child start the year in the Cyber Academy but have the option to return to the high school and vice versa? Yes.

    Will it be easier to navigate Canvas? Last year course pages looked different.  Yes. All teachers will utilize a standardized Canvas template.

    My child attends TCHS. How will the OJR Cyber Academy work with their program? If TCHS has in person instruction, we will transport them from home to TCHS (part-time and full-time students).

    How will the Cyber Academy work if school has to go remote? Whether we have to go temporarily remote (cleaning for positive case) or if we are fully remote Cyber Academy instruction will continue.

    How will attendance be taken for High School Cyber Academy students? Attendance will be taken once a day via a Google Form or similar method (not by 1st period teacher).

    If all restrictions are lifted will my child be able to finish the year in the Cyber Academy? Will their schedule change? Yes and yes. But students would still be able to access course asynchronously.

    For additional questions, please email Mr. Tom Hankel, interim Principal, thankel@ojrsd.net


    Do I have to remember different passwords and usernames? No. The OJR Cyber Academy will use a single-sign on with your student’s OJR Google account.

    What kind of device do you recommend? We recommend a device such as an iPad or laptop. While accessible on a phone, we do not recommend your student rely on a phone due to the screen size.



    Will synchronous/live instruction also be recorded for kids to go back and review? Yes

    Will the instruction be synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded)? Both

    Can my child complete his or her assignments outside of the typical school day? Students are encouraged to participate in all of the lessons and activities that are prescribed by the OJR cyber teacher.  However, out of an abundance of flexibility, students may complete and submit assignments outside of the typical school day.