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School Bus Transportation Update

Dear OJR Community, 

As we begin our third week of the 2022-2023 school year, we want to provide an update on school bus transportation in our district and ensure that we address your questions and feedback.

Like many other districts, OJR is currently navigating a school bus driver shortage that has impacted transportation staffing and scheduling. It is estimated there are more than 3,000 bus driver vacancies statewide, and our district is also in need of multiple drivers at this time.

As a result of bus driver shortages we have had to consolidate and continually adjust routes, with fewer drivers covering more pick-ups and drop-offs than normal. Certain bus routes have experienced increased delays and/or missed stops, impacting student and family schedules.

Please know that we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience as we work through these challenges. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we collaborate with our school bus service provider, G&L Student Transportation, to improve our on-time performance and hire additional drivers.

While we are diligently working to address our driver shortage, it is worth mentioning the training and onboarding process to hire individuals can take upward of six weeks. Unfortunately, this challenge does not have an easy solution and we must remain diligent about protecting student safety and ensuring all applicants are qualified to drive our buses. In the immediate future, further adjustments and modifications to bus routes and schedules will likely be necessary.

Families will continue to receive email notifications if their child’s school bus is running behind schedule. If a bus is more than 30 minutes late we advise parents to call the OJR Transportation Department at 610-469-5254, or give consideration to driving their child to school if such an option is viable.

Additionally, if you or someone you know is interested in serving as a school bus driver, we encourage you to call G&L Student Transportation at 610-367-2685 or email them at


We will provide additional information on progress as soon as it becomes available. Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support as we work to address the transportation needs of our students and apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced.




Dr. Will Stout