The Board of School Directors recognizes that senior citizens are important and valuable resources to the District and welcomes their involvement with students. Senior citizens will be given the opportunity to work for the District. This Senior School Service Work Program will help reduce the real estate tax burden of senior citizens while providing them an opportunity to contribute to the school community using their life skills and experience. It will also provide an opportunity for community members to reconnect with the local school community and to exchange the wealth of talent, skill, and history that senior citizens have with the younger generation that can be valuable to everyone.

    Elementary Areas of Assistance and Needs: 

    • Story telling
    • Library assistance
    • Health room assistance
    • Mini lessons on experience and travels
    • Flash card drills
    • Reading with children
    • Correcting papers
    • Cutout figures, etc.
    • Cutout papers and distribute
    • Stuff envelopes/mailboxes
    • Copying
    • Collate and staple materials
    • Help with special events
    • Computer Lab assistance
    • Review for testing
    • Weeding and planting

     Secondary Areas of Assistance and Needs: 

    • Shop area assistance
    • Clerical
    • Hallway, cafeteria, lavatory monitors
    • School traffic/bus monitors
    • Tutoring
    • Co-curricular activity
    • Weeding and planting

    Administration Buildings Areas of Assistance and Needs: 

    • Copying and Filing
    • Collate and staple materials
    • Catalog and monitor professional library
    • Help Coordinator take transportation calls
    • Weeding and planting

    Eligibility Requirements: 

    1. Must be 60 years of age or older
    2. Must be a resident of the Owen J. Roberts School District and live in the home for which you pay Owen J. Roberts School District Real Estate Tax
    3. Senior worker’s services to the District in accordance with Policy 606.1.

    Amount of Service: 

    • Senior workers shall be permitted to work up to a maximum of 62.5 hours per school year (July 1 through June 30). The hours to be worked, either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, shall be agreed upon prior to acceptance, and shall at all times be subject to change by the Superintendent or designee. To the extent that senior workers wish to exceed 62.5 hours of work, they are encouraged to do so; however it is understood that work beyond 62.5 hours shall not result in any compensation and will be considered volunteer work.
    • Senior workers will be paid at the established rate per hour, not to exceed a maximum $500.00. Wages will be paid in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. At no time may a senior worker’s hours exceed forty (40) hours in one week.
    • Senior workers will receive a W2 Form grossed up to include Social Security and Medicare at the end of the calendar year for the amount of credit received within that year.

    Application Process: 

    Applications may be obtained by contacting Danielle Moyer in the Business Office via email at dmoyer@ojrsd.net or by phone at 610-469-5123.

    Eligible senior citizens wishing to become a senior worker shall complete and submit the application form. Additionally, the successful candidate must submit Act 34 Criminal History, Act 151 PA Child Abuse, Act 114 FBI Fingerprint clearances (Service Code: 1KG6XN), Act 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release and submit a PA Health Form. All clearances and forms must be submitted prior to beginning employment.

    All fees will be paid by the applicant. Applicants that have obtained satisfactory clearances and tests will be accepted into the program on a first come/first serve basis. Once we receive the applications, participants will be contacted so we can schedule an appointment to discuss their interests and develop a placement.

    This program must be approved annually by the Owen J. Roberts School Board.

    For more information: Contact Danielle Moyer at (610) 469-5122 or by email at Dmoyer@ojrsd.net.