• Participation in a Science fair provides students with an opportunity to use integrated skills for research, logic, mathematics, and science in order to apply the scientific method to solve a problem. Each school hosts a building fair during the month of January.  The results of each student's research is presented in a school wide science fair with the top five projects in each grade level moving on to the Chester County Science Research Competition in early March.    

    While all students learn how to apply the scientific method in various classroom lab experiences, participation in the school science fair is optional.   If participating, students should begin in early fall with the selection of a topic which will lead to a problem that the student will wish to research. The student should explore various sources of information in order to gain a thorough understanding of the topic that he or she has chosen. Besides traditional sources such as library books, the student should research current periodicals, journals, Internet sources and interview professionals who are working within the same field of study.  

    Electronic copies of the student handbook and competition forms are listed below.  Please contact either your building coordinator listed below or Heidi Lehmann if you have any questions regarding the Science Research Competitions in Owen Jr. Roberts Schools.  






    Contact information

    Dr. Heidi Lehmann

    Science & Technology Curriculum Supervisor, OJRSD



    (610) 469-5169

    Kate Hartenstine

    East Coventry Elementary

    January 15, 2020  (January 16th snow date)



    (610) 469-5103

    Annmarie Barlow and Danielle Rapp

    East Vincent Elementary

    January 23, 2020  (January 24th snow date)




    (610) 469-5106

    Amy Hess 

    French Creek Elementary

    January 15, 2020  (January 16th snow date)



    (610) 469-5104

    Nick Zurga

    North Coventry Elementary
    January 22, 2020  (January 23rd snow date)


    (610) 469-5105

    Erin Flexner

    West Vincent Elementary

    January 9, 2020  (January 10th snow date)



    (610) 469-5108

    Mark Hofer

    OJR Middle School

    January 23, 2020  (January 24th snow date)


    (610) 469-5102


    For more information please contact:

    Heidi E. Lehmann, Ed.D.  

    Science & Technology  Curriculum 

    Supervisor Owen J. Roberts School District 610 469-5169

    @ojrscience     #STEMatOJR

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