• bus/rules



    • Athletic sneakers should be worn in physical education class.  Depending on the activity exceptions for other attire will be made.  Clogs are allowed as long as they have a back strap keeping the shoe from flying off of the foot.


    • Clothing must be appropriate for both indoor and outdoor physical activity.  Wearing skirts or dresses is considered inappropriate, unless shorts are worn underneath.  It is recommended to dress in layers as the weather becomes colder.  “Skorts” are allowed to be worn during class.


    • Any student who is not prepared for physical education class will be given an alternative assignment to complete during the class period that will focus on life-long fitness along with reading/math concepts.


    • If a student cannot participate in physical education class for one week, a note from home is necessary to be excused.  If a student must be excused for more than one week, a doctor’s note is required.  Also, a doctor’s or parent’s approval note is needed for entrance back into class.

      Thank you for your cooperation with the above expectations and making this a safe school year for all students at West Vincent.