• Heart

    5th Grade Health Topics

    Overview of Body Systems

    Circulatory System

    Respiratory System
         Respiratory Diseases

    Skeletal System

    Muscular System

    Nervous System

    Excretory System

    Integument System

    Drug Unit


                      TATA (Teens Against Tobacco Use) Poster Contest


                Over the counter verses prescription

    Fitness Concepts
         Muscular Endurance
         Muscular Strength
         Cardiovascular Endurance
         Flexibility (Yoga)
         Core Stability
         Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers (Speed Conditioning)
         Bodyweight Exercises
         Lifelong Wellness Concepts (Evaluate Oneself and create a program)

         Overall Disease Prevention “Putting It All Together” (Exercises, Healthy Eating, ect...)