• Jump Rope  

    Jump Rope Activities To Try At Home!!!

    1st - Lay the rope on the floor and try some of these.

    Ski Line Jumps

    1 Foot Jump

    Make a “V” with your rope on the floor and jump over the river.  Remember the rule of two through (You can only take 2 steps before jumping, must jump off of 2 feet, and always land on 2 feet).

    Make a circle on the floor and jump over the rain puddle

    Make a letter and jump over the letter.  After jumping over the letter 10 times find a word that starts with that letter and use it in a sentence.

    Have a buddy and yourself both make a single digit number on the floor and jump over them.  After jumping add or subtract the numbers together or even with the number of jumps you made in a certain amount of time.  

    Snake (side to side motion) or Wave (little up and down motion)-Keep the rope on the floor and use a group of three (A group of two can be used if you needed just tie one end to a stationary object.).  Rotate jumpers every 5 jumps.

    Now take the jump rope in your hands and try the following activities:

    Traditional Jump Rope (1 turn with 1 jump)

    Traditional Rhythm Jump Rope (1 turn with 2 jumps between turns)

    Monster Jump (Double Turn on 1 Jump)

    One Foot

    Ski Jump

    Alternating Butt Kicks

    Criss Cross


    Jumping Rope while lower half of body does the lower part of a jumping jack

    Long Jump Rope (3 Person Jump Rope)

    Traditional Bell Turn (Tap the rope against the middle persons ankles…Ready…Set…Turn)

    Traditional Bell Turn and touch the floor with your hands

    Traditional Bell Turn Push-Up

    How do you size the jump rope?  Stand in the middle of the rope on two feet.  The rope handles should be directly under your armpits.  If the rope handles are higher, for example around your ears, you should wrap one or both ends of the rope around the outside of your hand and measure again until it is the appropriate height.