•  6th Grade Health Topics

    Overview First Aid Concepts



                Emergency First Aid Kit

                Hyperthermia verses Hypothermia Emergencies

    Outdoor Emergencies
         Fire Safety
         Water Safety
         Outdoor Safety
    Hyperthermia verses Hypothermia Emergencies  

    Bullying Unit
         4 Types of Bullying
         Focus on Online Safety/Bullying
    Internet Safety

    Conflict Resolution
    Choosing a Medical Professional
         Different Types
         Training to become a medical professional

    Lifelong Fitness ConceptsFitness Concepts
         Muscular Endurance
         Muscular Strength
         Cardiovascular Endurance
         Flexibility (Yoga)
         Core Stability
         Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers (Speed Conditioning)
         Bodyweight Exercises
         Lifelong Wellness Concepts (Evaluate Oneself and create a program)