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    Welcome to the Health Room!


    Certified School Nurses in the Owen J. Roberts School District believe that all children should have access to quality, comprehensive school health programs which are developmentally appropriate, community-driven, and family centered. We provide nursing assessment and treatment, perform mandated screenings, manage acute and chronic diseases, and provide individual health teaching and counseling.

    Physical and Dental Examinations, Immunizations and Health Screenings

    The School Health Law requires Physical Examinations upon original entry into school, Kindergarten/or grade 1, and in grades 6 and 11. Dental examinations are required upon original entry, Kindergarten/or grade 1, and in grades 3 and 7. These examinations may be done by your private health care provider and dentist, or by the school physician and dentist at no expense. The private dental and physical exam forms are available under the Health Forms link to the left. Immunization schedule is also linked to the left. The Chester County Health Department is a free resource available to you for immunization updates, if needed. 

    In accordance with School Board Policy 203, a student shall be exempt from immunization requirements whose parent/guardian objects in writing to such immunization on religious grounds or whose physician certifies that the student's physical condition contraindicates immunization. Students that are exempt from immunization may be excluded from school during an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease.

    Vision screening is provided each year for every student. Hearing screening is done in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11. A referral form is sent home if the student does not pass the vision or hearing screening.

    Growth screening is done annually and includes height, weight, BMI and BMI percentile.

    Scoliosis screening is done in 7th grade and for all 6th grade students who did not submit a completed 6th grade physical exam.

    Parents may view health screening results in Skyward under Health Info or contact the school nurse.


    Annette Lemma 

    Annette Lemma, MSN, RN, CSN

    Certified School Nurse
    North Coventry Elementary School
    phone 610-469-5182
    fax 610-327-2082