• WHO ARE WE?   




    The Friends of the Arts was organization in the mid 1970's by parents, educators and residents of the Owen J. Roberts School District  who felt that WE as a community needed  to FOSTER, GROW and ENHANCE the educational experience of our students by engaging them in the ARTS as much as possible. Thus the OJR FOA was born. 

    Over the past 42 years OJR FOA has funded concert and museum trips to Phila and NYC, hosted various performing arts groups from the United States Military, US City Orchestras, and University Singing groups.  Anything and Everything was done by the FOA to insure that the ART & MUSIC programs remain in our district.  We are most PROUD of our Scholarship Program!  In just the past 5 years we have awarded $49,000 in SCHOLARSHIPS to OJR graduating SENIORS who are pursuing college careers in the ARTS.  Today this is a HUGE UMBRELLA to cover with more and more careers opening up due in part to the ARTS!  

    For many years we hosted a Holiday House Tour, Annual Garden Tour of some of the hidden gems of Northern Chester Co and of course our JURIED SPRING CRAFT SHOW conducted the first weekend in March!  The Craft Show is currently our biggest fundraiser.  We are always looking for other ways to share the arts and grow our scholarship budget!  

    Here are just a few highlights of what we've done over the past few years to enhance the ARTS in OJR!. 

    • Grant funds to teachers for special projects/visiting artists/field trips/additional supplies for the classroom. 
    • Grant funds to other arts organizations in the school district - band front, The Naturals (acapella group). 
    • Promotion of individual school's student art shows. Showcase student art at the OJR Craft Show every March!
    • Annual donation to underwrite Upbeat Strings Camp.
    • Scholarships to Summer Art Camp. 
    • Pay to frame many of the student art you'll find showcased in all our schools! 
    • Sponsor a national program called ART GOES TO SCHOOL. This program brings the museum to the classroom in all 5 OJR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. These programs are taught by FOA VOLUNTEERS!   
    • In over 42 years we've paid out $150,000 in scholarship funds for our district students!