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    1.       What is 95210?
    The 95210 Health Tracker is a rewards-driven way for employees to set daily and weekly goals and track their daily health and wellness that matters the most for a healthier life. Owen J Roberts School District subscribes to 95210 to create a custom account for staff (and eventually family and friends).

    2.       Do I need a fitbit to participate?
    95210 syncs with fitbit and jawbone devices, which makes tracking steps easier, but anyone can track steps using a pedometer or smart phone by entering steps manually into the tracker. 

    3.       What does 95210 stand for?
    9 Hours of Sleep per night
    5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
    2 Hours recreational screen time
    1 Hour recreational activity/day
    0 Sugary beverages and tobacco
    95210 provides an easy and quick opportunity to track one or more of the numbers that matter the most to your health: sleep, nutrition, exercise, recreation screen time, sugary drinks and snacks, exposure to tobacco, walking steps, cups of water and weight loss.

    4.       How do I sync with fitbit or jawbone?
    There is a blue bar of icons which runs under the banner photo. On the right click the person icon and the last option is customize account. You sync wearables and customize your account in other ways there.

    5.   Who sees my information?
    A. If you are registered as an individual member, then other members may only see some of your data if you join a personal group. If you are registered into a company or organization group, members may view each other's monthly totals and data for: a) cups of water, b) exercise minutes, c) fruits and vegetables, d) monthly points, e) percentage of weight change*, f) walking steps, and possibly g) number of days tobacco-free**. This data is also provided to group Admins so that they may evaluate and improve their wellness program and encourage participating individuals to be healthier over time.
    Members who do not want other members to see their data may select "I wish to be an Anonymous Member" on their Profile page, and this will remove their name and data from the group page.
    Data not shared with the group admins, and only seen by members are: a) hours of sleep, b) screentime, c) sodas and sugary drinks, d) multivitamins and supplements, e) weightlifting, and f) actual weight, g) health journal entries (unless made public by the member), and h) gratitude journal entries.
    * The percentage of weight change (not the member's actual weight) is displayed on a challenge Leaderboard only when a group admin has created a weight-loss challenge.
    ** The number of days being tobacco-free is displayed on a challenge Leaderboard only when a group admin has created a tobacco-free challenge.
     6.    How is data captured for tracking on 95210?

    There are two ways that 95210 can track your health habits. An “automatic” way of tracking is to have your Fitbit or Jawbone sync with the website (See #4 on the FAQ list for how to connect your wearable device with your 95210 account). 95210 has the ability to sync the following:  water intake, walking steps, sleep hours, and weight. Alternatively, your information can be entered manually via the “Tracking” section of the website. Definitely explore this area of the site as there are other habits that can also be tracked to help gain perspective on your everyday health!

    For automatic sync with a wearable device, 95210 reads data from the fitbit or jawbone servers twice per day, so data won't display in "real time". Definitely check in every few days--and especially at the end of a challenge to make sure information has synced.
    7.    Why are some days "greyed" out when I track activities?

    Fit for Life 95210 operates on a schedule. It is important not to go longer than 7 days to track information (you will see days beyond 7 back greyed out). After that, the data has been “captured” and recorded in the database. There is a work-around, of course, although not preferred. If you are manually inserting steps, just add days together so you don’t lose your steps.

    The syncing schedule for fitbit/jawbone is a bit different than manual tracking. 95210 syncs with Fitbit and Jawbone 3 times a day BACK 3 DAYS.  IF your fitbit isn’t syncing to the fitbit server, your data will not be there for 95210 to grab. (It is possible your wearable may show steps, but has not sent them to the server--or "synced".) It is a great idea to check at least every couple of days to make sure your fitbit has synced. 
    8.   How do I join a challenge?
    You are participating in a challenge if you are tracking the health feature being challenged. For example, if a STEPS challenge is offered, and you are tracking steps, you are automatically participating in the challenge.

    Using "Teams" to develop smaller, friendlier competitions

    Our Teams feature allows any member to either "join" another member's team or "create" their own team.  Members who create their own team are "Team Captains" or team owners, and they may: 1) approve members, 2) set a team "goal", 3) select a monthly competition, and 4) moderate their own team message board.  In essence, they are your "wellness champions" who provide their time in managing and monitoring members of their own team.

    It takes relatively little time to manage a team and members can put together a team with other employees they feel the most comfortable participating with in an overall wellness program and becoming healthier together!


    Team Join/Create Page


    a) Members may at any time "Join" or "Create" a team.  We wanted to leave this feature in the hands of members so that they could easily form a team (or leave a team) at any time and participate with friends and colleagues whom they felt the most comfortable with in both "competing" against others and "encouraging" some one close to them to walk more steps, stay hydrated, etc.

    b) The "Team Access Code" allows the member to have a "private" team (if a member doesn't know the team's Access Code then they can't request to join.)  The member joining the team simply types in the access code after selecting a team.  If the Access Code field is greyed-out then the team is "public" and doesn't have a access code.

    c) If the member would like to create their own team, they simply click "Create a New Team" and follow the "Learn More" instructions on the following page.

    Team graphic


    The Team Homepage


    a) Team captains may: 1) approve (or delete) members on their team, 2) select a monthly team competition, 3) moderate the team's message board, and 4) manage the team info by adding a "Team Goal", and choosing to separate the "Team Owner" and "Team Captain" team aadmins. Both are admins for the team and may manage the team's features and approve or delete members. The team captain will receive an email when a member has made a request to join the team and may either: 1) approve or 2) disapprove the member from joining the team.

    b) To select a monthly (internal) team competition the team captain simply selects one of the available features to track and clicks "Update".  All team members would now automatically be in the team competition if they are tracking the selected feature, i.e. fruits & veggies. The team member who has tracked the most fruits & veggies during the month is in first place with first through tenth places available to fill.

    c) The "Team Comment Board" is a private message board for the team's members only.  The team captain is the moderator of the message board and may delete or reply to a comment (as the team captain) at any time. All members may type in a comment or reply to another comment at any time also.




Last Modified on March 8, 2017