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    The Technology Department operates on three themes in supporting and providing technology to teachers and students - infrastructure, access, integration, and community outreach.  The original district technology plan, was part of the 2008-2014 Strategic Plan and subsequently revised based on the results of the Project Tomorrow Speak-Up Survey  conducted in 2013.   Our current technology plan is as follows:


    While the Wireless Network is vastly improved and includes a Wi-Fi public network, older outdated wiring, equipment and access points will be updated and (in some cases) replaced as part of a multiyear plan. Students are increasingly using their own devices as teachers direct, and classroom activities warrant access to digital content; thereby creating a productive and engaging learning environment.  We have been preparing the high school for a rollout of 1:1 Chromebooks for the 2018-19 school year.


    The replacement of desktop computers continues to be carefully evaluated both for need and utilization in favor of providing more mobile technology.

    • Chromebook carts and iPad carts, available in all buildings, support classroom technology projects and access to a richer and broader range of web-based learning tools and services including Google Apps. For example: collaborative video projects and the creation of documentaries and websites have supported students’ innate ability to create.
    • 1:1 Chromebooks Middle and High School 
    • We are seeing an expanded use of Digital Textbooks.
    • The iPad/Chromebook keeps engaging our students in countless ways.  iPads/Chromebooks are available to students for skill building and content creation through tools and apps, as well as diverse learning needs addressed with apps.
    • District curriculum includes technology components as education focuses on digital age learning skills including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.


    This is the symbiotic relationship between curriculum, instruction and technology which directly impacts technology purchased and implemented throughout the District.  Technology is a tool used by students and staff alike to collaborate on global levels; therefore OJRSD must provide and maintain a robust Infrastructure, enable Access and assume the role of ultimate technology broker.  All of this in the name of Integration, so that we may propel our learning communities (that is everyone) into a digital and global society.

    Community Outreach

    OJRSD continues to promote Digital Citizenship to all stakeholders.  We offered multiple tech nights for parents to help them understand the world of digital parenting; a tech leadership forum was held with high school students, and staff training is ongoing.  This year the Chester County District Attorney in conjunction with our Tech Department held a session for all District athletic coaches.