• OJR Chromebook Repair and Login Issue Procedures During COVID-19


    If you are having problems with your ojrsd.net Google logon, please do the following:

           1. Click here to submit a ticket.

    If you are having problems with your OJR Chromebook, please do the following: 

    1. Click here to submit a ticket.
    2. If the problem cannot be fixed remotely, someone will arrange a time for you to drop off your device. 
    3. If you are dropping off a device, make sure it is clearly marked with your student's FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and BUILDING NAME.
    4. Someone will communicate with you when your Chromebook is repaired and ready for pick up.
  •   OJR High and Middle School's 1-1 Chromebook Innovative Initiative

    Here are the top five reasons why a 1:1 technology initiative improves teaching and learning:

    1. Equalizes student access to technology
    2. Increases engagement for students and teachers
    3. Customizes and differentiates teaching and learning
    4. Increases executive functioning skills for students
    5. Better prepares students for college and career