FRIENDS OF THE ARTS NEEDS YOU! Below is a list of some of the committees we need your creativity, talents and gumption for:

Hospitality-Art Goes to School Program-Holiday Tree Festival-Spring Juried Craft Show-Art in the Park Pop Up and new events we want to do!-Scholarship Interviewers-Folks who don't mind managing mailings, spreadsheets- basic admin things-Contacting News Media for Advertising and PR-chairpeople for new events!  If you don't know what or how you want to volunteer we'll help you find that perfect choice!   

No previous experience is needed just a willingness to share in the joy of the ARTS! We need fresh ideas! Do you enjoy creating or chairing events? Greeting people at our Craft Show, working a 2 hour shift at our events? Many hands make for little work for all involved! We all know how precious our time is so the more the merrier!  

BONUS--You don't have to have kids in school or even be a parent. Any Resident of the Owen. J. Roberts School District can belong! If you want to me a part of this great group please e-mail Susan at or ask your children's art teacher!