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    As always,  I am hoping that this year your children will have a wonderful experience in both physical education and in health/fitness for grades 4-6.  Each year our activities change, but our mission stays the same; to provide your child/children with the knowledge, practice and motivation to maintain or increase they're physical fitness level through activities, games, and fitness related exercises. 

    Although most parents think of physical education as a place for students to 'play', this is not exactly the case.  Physical education is a place to understand and apply the skills they learn in class both physically and academically: yes, academically.  The PA State Standards require that students not only get the required amount of activity per week, but require that students leave 6th grade with an understanding of how to apply the vocabulary and concepts and they've learned as it relates to their fitness level.  Also, to evaluate their own fitness level and be able to make changes to increase their level of fitness/wellness throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

    So, what doegirl tests this mean for your child/children?  Well, they can expect learning checks frequently throughout the school year.  These learning checks could be a simple identification worksheet up to andincluding quiz's and tests.  It's not the same 'gym class' that we all remember from our past school experience.

    Hopefully this information will provide you, as a parent, with a better understanding of what your child/children can expect to experience during physical education class.  A strong fitness foundation will hopefully inspire your child/children to strive to be healthy and fit for a lifetime.

    Other Necessary Information

    Please make sure that your child/children wear comfortable, appropriate clothing to physical education class.  This means clothing that they can freely move in, and that is weather appropriate, as we often go outside for part or all of class.  ALSO...students from kindergarten through 6th grade are required to wear ATHLETIC SNEAKERSThe definition of athletic sneakers are sneakers that are meant to run in and can either be tied or secured with Velcro.  Please DOExample of appropriate sneakers NOTsend your child/children into school on physical education days in fashion related shoes that look like sneakers or sneakers that are not laced properly.  Should this occur, your child may not be able to participate in the day's lesson.

    One other request.  Please attempt to have your children avoid wearing jewelry or other types of accessories that my inhibit their safety in class or the safety of other students.

    **As many of your are aware, I am a traveling Elem HPE Teacher.  

    My building Schedule for the School Year is below**


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