Physical Fitness Testing

    • Physical Fitness Testing for Grades 3-6

      Physical fitness testing is part of the 3rd through 6th grade physical education program and is completed twice a year; fall and spring. The test elements include; agility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Also included as another form of fitness testing is the PACER run. Each student is asked to complete these 6 tests to the best of their ability and can view their fitness level based on the Presidential Fitness Test which is a normed test of children based on their sex and age. The test items include; push-ups, full sit-ups, shuttle run, sit and reach flexibility test, the mile run/walk, and the PACER run which is a short distance run where students are challenged to run as long as possible to a test where the timing for each lap gets shorter and shorter and the test progresses.

      Our mission is simple; to make sure that the test is done accurately and the students are challengerunners d to do the test items to the best of their ability regardless of their fitness level. Each test item is practiced throughout the year to encourage students to increase their performance level as the year progresses. This, in turn, is designed to increase their test results from the fall test to the spring test and into the following year. Fitness testing is also done in 7th through 12th grade in a similar format.

      At the time of each test, students receive a testing paper to record their results and grade them on the typical elementary scale (1,2,3,4) based on their results. This directly affects their report card final assessment score. Students are held accountable based on their results and these results will be posted on the fall and spring elementary report card.