Mr. Brilla's Social Studies Page

  • Welcome to 8th grade American History on the Maroon Team. I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.

    This year we will discuss American history from its beginnings until the early 20th century. Each quarter we will discuss a different unit of study that closely relates to the theme you will be discussing in Language Arts. Here is a brief description of our four major units:

    1. The American Government (The Constitution and the beginning of the United States).

    2. Growth and Expansion (Westward Expansion throughout American history).

    3. Industrialization (The First and Second Industrial Revolutions in the United States).

    4. The Civil War (The causes, course and consequences of the Civil War).

    Social Studies might be very different this year than what you might expect or be used to. Our focus this year will be on the process of history and helping you to gain real-world skills through the study of history. I am hoping that you all become more responsible, independent and self-directed learners throughout this year. We will be focusing on the following skills in class:

    -Creativity and Innovation

    -Communication and Collaboration

    -Research and Information Fluency

    -Critical Thinking

    -Digital Citizenship