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    Middle School Guidance

    During this time of mandatory school closures, we are providing access to our Guidance Personnel for students and parents via email (see below) and this Google Form.

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    The school counseling program of the Owen J. Roberts School District is designed to respond to the unique developmental and transitional needs of all students in a comprehensive manner. In partnership with the school community, the counseling program assists students in reaching their full academic, personal, social and career potential. Program initiatives are designed to foster lifelong learners in a caring and supportive environment.

    An important obligation of school counselors is to maintain the confidentiality of their relationships with students. Therefore, the confidentiality of information received and any written pupil records are safeguarded. School counselors are obliged not to disclose information that a student has shared within the context of a counseling setting, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a serious threat to him or herself or others.

    2020-2021 7th Grade

    Mrs. Lauren Handforth, M.S.



    2020-2021 8th Grade

    Mrs. Caroline Gatto, M.Ed.



    Student Assistance Counselor

    Mrs. Victoria Morgan, M.S.



    School Psychologist

    Brian Schneider, Ph.D.



    Guidance Secretary

     Mrs. Karen Stacks