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    Welcome to the 7th and 8th Grade Autistic Support Classroom! The Autistic Support program here at the Middle School was established during the 2014-2015 school year, and I am very excited for this opportunity to support your child.
    During our autistic support classes, your child will have the opportunity to practice self-monitoring skills through checking his/her Skyward grade book and recording current grades. Any students with missing assignments will, with assistance, develop a plan for assignment completion and submission. Additionally, students will work on organizational skills through binder checks and clean-outs as needed. Finally, at least one day per cycle, your child will have the opportunity to learn and practice social skills through many different modes which could include journaling and sharing, teacher-led instruction, modeling, role play, and interactive social skills games which promote positive conversation and interaction. Very often, the students' own needs or concerns will drive these classes, as the goal is to make the learned skills useful, practical, and easily generalized into everyday social situations.

    Students have access to a variety of technology including computers and iPads, which can be used for academic assignments and promoting social skills. Through the use of social storytelling and various apps designed to encourage increased social awareness, students have the opportunity to utilize a different mode of engagement.

    The Autistic Support classroom also offers a place where your child can go during the day for a sensory break. The room was set up to offer multiple types of hand-held manipulatives which your child can use to work through stressful situations. Additionally, there is an area which includes a trampoline, bean-bag chairs, stability balls, and bosu balls all found on a plush shag carpet.


    Taryn Knox

    Autistic Support Teacher


    610-469-5102 ext. 2656