• Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!!! 

    In your child’s Health and P.E. class today and tomorrow we will review the Health, P.E., Swim and Fitness policies. 

    1. Please click the link below to review the Health and P.E. Grading/Policies.


           2. After reading, please enter your child’s First and Last name, period (1,2,3 or 6) they have HPE/Swim and day (1,3,5 or 2,4,6) for their HPE/Swim class into the form.

           3. Finally check the box to acknowledge you have read the policies.

           4. Submit the google form

           5. Please complete this no later than September 6, 2018 for 5 points.

    Schedule for the first two weeks of school for 7th Grade Health & P.E. Students 

    8/26 & 8/27- Introduction to Health & P.E. (overview of policies, grading, lockers and schedule for the year)

    8/28 & 8/29- Fitness Testing (both Mr. Dede & Ms. Staufenberg Health and Swim. classes)

    9/3 & 9/4- Fitness Testing (both Mr. Dede & Ms. Staufenberg Health and Swim classes)

    9/5 & 9/6- Height/Weight/Vision screenings 

    9/9 & 9/10- First day of Health/Fitness (Room 165) for Mr. Dede’s classes, First day of Swim (Pool) for Ms. Staufenberg’s classes