• Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

     Supplies that you will need for class:

    • Pencils - You will be required to use pencil everyday, so please remember to bring several to class with you.  You do NOT need a pen.
    • Erasers - I will certainly have some to borrow, but it is helpful to have some in your binder.
    • Ear buds - We will use ipads and lap tops quite often, so it is helpful for you to have your own headphones or ear buds.

    I will provide the following materials for you:

    • One Pocket Folder - This will be LEFT in the CLASSROOM.  You will keep your materials in a classroom bin.  This will make it easier for you!
    • Composition notebook - This will be used to keep track of your word sorts.  This will be allowed to leave the room for studying purposes.
    • Zip lock bag - I will give you a snack sized zip lock bag for your word sort.  This will also be allowed to leave the room.
    • A book to read whenever you need one! 

    Parents and Students - If you would like to make any donations to the classroom, they are always appreciated!  We are always looking for the following: Tissues, Clorox or Sanitizing Wipes, cap erasers, pencils (even used are GREAT), snack size zip lock bags (The ones from the Dollar Store are PERFECT!)


    Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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