Student Council Announcements


    Officer Role Descriptions

    If you would like to run for a Student Council office, then you need to let Mr. Hofer and Mrs. Dede know by the end of the day MONDAY, OCTOBER 15. If you submit your name, you WILL be expected to present a speech on October 18 (whether you have prepared one or not).

    President (Must be in 8th grade and must be a second-year member): 

    • Meets with advisors to set agendas for meetings
    • Leads meetings
    • Makes sure all students understand their roles/tasks at meetings and that everyone is engaged in meaningful work to help our school
    • Meets with administration as needed to communicate ideas and concerns
    • Communicates with other officers to ensure all information is ready to communicate to membership before club meetings
    • Makes Student Council announcements
    • Oversees Operation Angel (ensures all teachers have information and materials, checks to make sure every homebase has an announcement/collection each day, makes daily reminder announcements)
    • 8th grade dance committee chairperson (Works with advisors and members to select decorations, organizes small groups to work on decoration projects, stays after school to assist when able, makes daily announcements, works with advisors on decoration plan and selection of food)


    • Communicates with advisors and President to compose, proofread, and revise agendas
    • Composes/revises all Student Council communications
    • Proofreads all flyers, emails, announcements from members before presenting them to advisors for approval
    • Takes attendance and meeting minutes
    • Assists with Operation Angel logistics (assigning children to homebases, distribution and collection of materials, leads group to make posters/flyers)
    • Assists with 8th grade dance (Works with advisors for plan for ticket design, makes flyers/posters, writes announcements with President, organizes helpers for ticket distribution)


    • Communicates with Mrs. White to obtain account balances
    • Works with advisors to set budgets for projects
    • Communicates expenditures to membership
    • Assists with counting and calculations for account deposits
    • Makes daily Operation Angel collection total announcement at end of each day (or designates someone to do make announcement in his/her place)
    • Assists with 8th grade dance (assists with orders for decorations, organizes and keeps records of donations, announces donation totals)


    Operation Angel Collection:

    • Student Council representatives will collect money (We CAN accept checks made payable to OJRMS) to support the Salvation Army Angel Tree project to purchase toys and clothes for families in need in our community.
    • Collection dates: November 27 - December 12
    • Student Council members will take annual field trip to Pottstown Target to purchase items to donate to Salvation Army on Thursday, December 13.


    The 8th Grade Farewell Dance will be on FRIDAY, MAY 31, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

    • Tickets will be sold during lunch in the days leading up to the dance. No tickets will be sold the day of the dance.
    • Light refreshments will be served.
    • Please know that ALL school rules for attire apply.
    • This is NOT (and never has been) a formal. It is a dance that is a little dressier than the others.
    • NO: Jeans; sneakers; t-shirts; strapless/spaghetti strap dresses; low-cut, tight-fitting, super-short dresses.
    • This is not a "date dance." if you choose to go with someone special, then that is fine; however, the spirit of the night is to celebrate the end of middle school with your friends. Because of this, administration asks that there are NO "promposals" at school because it is not in keeping with the purpose of the event