• Week of April 16, 2018

    Posted by Michael Brilla on 4/16/2018

    Episode 2: Week on April 16, 2018


    • PSSA’s--one week in the book, two to go
    • End of Year Talent Show
      • Last day of school
      • Practices on Fridays


    Friday Video


    Social Studies Classes (2, 7 and )

    • This past week
      • Really started to dive into the dividing nation, the idea of sectionalism and the fourth quarter theme of Conflict & Compromise.
      • Students created visual representations of sectionalism in the United States and submitted their drawings to a virtual bulletin board--here’s the link: https://padlet.com/mbrilla2/w0ui7a4vo3st
      • Finished the week by starting our timeline activity for the quarter. A few goals here:
        • Place events in context--why they happened, why they are important, etc.
        • Connect and image to the major events to help them make sense of it.
    • Next Week
      • Quarter Four Timeline Activity
        • Monday/Tuesday--researching each of the events & creating a 1-sentence summary of them.
        • Wednesday--carefully and critically select images for each event
        • Thursday--Create the timeline using the RWT App here in school & submit it--must be finished here, they are saved locally on the iPad.
      • Slavery in America
        • How slavery shaped American history
        • 2-5-8 menu of activities with two goals:
          • Why slavery took hold in the south
          • The human experience of slaves

    Accelerated Social Studies: Periods 3 and 4

    • This Past week:
      • This past week was focused on working in collaborative groups on the Providing Context Project for Antebellum America.
      • Students spent time researching and becoming an expert--answer three big questions--cause, course and consequences
    • Upcoming Week  
      • Goals:
        • Collaborative teams to create an image-rich & text poor presentation that they will record and upload to YouTube to place their assigned event in context.
        • This will build a repository of events for our classes.
      • Video will be recorded, uploaded and shared by thursday of this week. Heres a quick tuotiral as to how the students can create their video.

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