• Students: use the link below to let me know how you're feeling about math class (or life in general). For example, Is class too hard? Too easy? What suggestions do you have? Having a problem in your current seat or with a classmate? Anything going on that you'd like to share?


    What's on Your Mind?



    This link is designed with the intention to increase communication between students and teacher as it relates to math class, the learning environment within the classroom and the school building in general.

    If a student reports concerns outside the scope of my teaching practices, I will refer the issue to our guidance and or administrative team.

    Click here for a student incident form for reporting incidents of bullying behavior. If applicable, please complete this form and return it to me and I will forward to the appropriate school personnel.

    It is important to note that this link is not monitored 24 hours so absolutely no crisis reporting should be indicated through this site.