• Homestead/Farmstead

    *Notice To Residents Who Have a Completed and Approved Homestead Exclusion*

    If you have an approved Homestead Exclusion on file with the county, this year your tax bill will show a reduction amount in the section called “Savings This Year”.  In this section, there is a line called “Homestead Reduction” which reflects the amount by which your assessment (and therefore your tax burden) has been reduced.  Please note that you will not receive a rebate check.  The property tax relief was applied to your assessment and is reflected “only” on your school tax bill.  Residents who do not have an approved exclusion on file will not see the property tax relief reflected on their tax bill.

    Applying for a Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion

    Property owners must complete a homestead/farmstead exclusion application to qualify for possible property tax reductions.

    Click HERE for more information on Homestead/Farmstead.