Welcome to 7th Grade Direct Instruction Language Arts!


Objective: My objective this school year is to enhance student reading,writing, speaking, listening and viewing skills along with meeting IEP goalsand objectives.  This year students willbe reading various types of literature/nonfiction.  Have exposure to reading skills and strategiesto support reading comprehension, word study, vocabulary, mechanics, usage andgrammar activities and constructing formal and creative writing pieces.  It is going to be a fun filled year!

Thematic Units:


MP #1  Heroes

MP #2  Choices and Consequences

MP #3  Acceptance

MP #4  Family

·         Narrative Writing

·         Text: “Blackwater”


·         Argument Essay

·         Text: “Swindle”


·         Informational Writing

·         Text: “Swindle”


·         Research Assignment

·         Text: “Crash”